Gold Rush Color Of The Year, Carpet Caress Ornamental 120 Crisp

Carpet FAQs

We have an experienced, trained professional installation crew backed by a one year labor warranty. 
Carpet provides a warmer room temperture, easier on the feet and knees reduces the echo noise. It can offer 25% to 34% decibel reduction.  Furthermore, carpet durability, stain resistance and softness has increased dramatically in recent years. 
Some synthetic carpet fibers offer properties to reduce hypoallergenics. Natural fibers such as wool, sisal or jute.
The process includes moving furniture and resetting it. Demo and haul off of existing flooring. Floor prep if any roughness to area. There is no factory warranty on carpet if a new pad is not used. Factory warranty may be voided if not installed by a certified by the carpet and rug institution. We dispose of the customers carpet we tear out. The fee is included in the demo charge.
Walk off mats in and outside of the home. Vacuum regularly. Once a week at least in high traffic areas. Rearrange furniture to change walking patterns. Have carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year.